Breast Cancer Awareness (20-Packs)

Breast Cancer Awareness 20-Packs – Your friends, fundraiser, or event will love these beautiful Breast Cancer Awareness Pinback Buttons. By purchasing them in packs of 20, there will be plenty to go around.

Our company makes the highest quality breast cancer awareness pinback buttons in the country. Wearing a pinback button shows your support and gets other people involved and interested in supporting awareness. In addition, you can use them as fundraisers as well.

Made with the highest quality parts, these breast cancer awareness buttons will become cherished collector’s items for years to come. All button measures 2.25” are new. Sealed in a dust-free polybag, you can expect them to look and feel exactly how they came from the machines.

All buttons are manufactured in Jacksonville, FL, original, and come with a thank you letter and Certificate of Authenticity.

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