William McKinley Campaign Buttons

William McKinley’s campaign buttons were produced from 1848 to 1901. McKinley was an Ohio Congressman and the United States Governor that served from January 11, 1892 – January 13, 1896.

William McKinley Campaign Buttons are very collectible because his term in 1896 used modern celluloid campaign buttons without the use of fabrics. Some of the McKinley buttons are very rare and highly collectible.

McKinley started the campaign of “Sound Money” by campaigning in Canton, Ohio where thousands of supporters gathered at his city to hear him speak.

In 1901, while visiting the Pan American Exposition in Buffalo, Ney York, McKinley was shot by an assassin and was sent to the hospital. A few days later, he died and Theodore Roosevelt was notified before he could even get to Buffalo.

William McKinley’s campaign buttons are a great way to learn about history while investing in something that will increase in value for generations to come.

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