Campaign Button History

How are campaign buttons made and who makes them?

Older campaign buttons on this website are all manufactured by the campaigns of the time period or third-party button manufacturers of the time. Rules and regulations have guided this niche industry and because of this these buttons are forever enshrined in history with priceless historical value. In many cases, the buttons manufactured by third-party vendors, such as our company, become worth more than the buttons manufactured by the campaign itself.
During each new election cycle, certain candidates are considered presidential hopefuls. These are people who the public speculate will run for president and have the best possible chances of becoming an elected official. The presidential hopefuls start emerging 2-3 years before every presidential election and rigorously campaign while passing out various memorabilia, including campaign buttons, in hopes of gaining more name recognition. The incumbent president and vice-president are typically an automatic ballot-entry, therefore they are the first candidates to be honored for each cycle with the initial campaign buttons manufactured.
Other presidential hopefuls can be individuals skilled in politics and public speaking that have ambitions to become President or run for some aspect of public service. Here is an example: President Biden and Kamala Harris are the incumbents. Unless either candidate publicly states that they are not running for the next re-election cycle, it is safe to say that we can assume they will run for re-election and will automatically be Presidential or Vice-Presidential candidates once again.
In contrast, former President Trump has been in the news lately and most people are concluding that he will run for president again in 2024. If he wins the 2024 election, this alone will be historical in nature being only the second president to acquire the presidency in two non-consecutive terms. For this reason, President Trump is considered a Presidential hopeful for the 2024 presidential election cycle.
When Hopefuls Become Candidates?
At some point in an upcoming election cycle, a presidential hopeful can become a presidential candidate. This happens at the exact time when a qualified potential candidate announces his or her candidacy for president in a public setting or forum. After this initial declaration of seeking the Presidency, the campaign buttons that are created become an official part of the Presidential Campaign. Campaign buttons from these official campaigns and third-party independent manufacturers can be produced until the election day of that specific election cycle. When the election is decided, the buttons are retired and cannot be produced again. If they are reproduced on any level after the election is over, they are coined ‘Reproductions’ and virtually worthless
Our company prides itself by following all the rules and regulations of Presidential Campaign memorabilia production and gives 100% guarantee that all buttons are 100% authentic and made right here in the USA.